Mind the gag campaign

05 July 2017

At ASLEF’s AAD conference in May 2017 the union launched its new campaign, ‘Mind the Gag!’ which challenges inappropriate language and promotes dignity and respect in workplaces.

Not all banter is funny #mindthegag

The campaign is a joint initiative between the LGBT, women and black & ethnic minority representative committees along with the young members’ forum. 

Mind the Gag! aims to:

  • Challenge the use of offensive jokes and language (banter) used by members both unintentionally and intentionally.  
  • Challenge the use of the term “banter” as an excuse to cover up bullying and harassment.
  • To promote dignity and respect within the membership.

Mind the gag

The campaign is aimed at empowering people to stand up against offensive 'banter', to encourage others to step in on behalf of those who feel unable to speak out against bullying abuse and just as importantly, to make people think before they say or type something which might be deemed offensive and hopefully prevent grievances and disciplinaries which could lead to dismissals.

The aim of this campaign isn't to stifle debate or stop fun in the mess rooms and on Social Media but to protect all of our members from bullying and, conversely, dismissal.

This is a 3 pronged approach: 1) To try and empower people to stand up for themselves or to speak to a rep first before going to management. 2) To make the mess room self-policing, for others to step in if they think someone is out of order 3) To stop people going to disciplinary because they have misread their audience.


Campaign literature has been sent to all branches and branch equality reps.  More information can be found through representative committee members or via equalities@aslef.org.uk


 mind the gag photo 1Mind the gag photo 2


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