ASLEF on GTR Agreement

07 February 2017

ASLEF announced, on Thursday 2 February, that it had reached an agreement with Southern Railways. On Friday 3 February ballot papers and a copy of the proposed agreement were dispatched to members to vote in a referendum on whether or not to accept the deal. Yesterday (Monday 6 February) the union briefed reps and tonight (Tuesday 7 February) there is an opportunity for all members on Southern to attend a meeting at Three Bridges. Other branch meetings are also being held.


Simon Weller, assistant general secretary, said: ‘We thought it was right that you, the members, should be the first to see the agreement, in full, before anything was said. But it is now clear that there are some serious misunderstandings about this deal. For clarity:


‘As drivers, we want a second safety-critical person on every train and that is what we have got. This deal guarantees a second person on Southern trains. There are some exceptions, to allow trains to run without a second safety-critical person, and they are the same as they are at the moment, with two exceptions: [i] unauthorised absence, such as when an OBS, who has been booked, has a flat tyre at very short notice on the way to work, and a train can be run driver only while they find another OBS; [ii] a pandemic, a sort of “zombie apocalypse”, but such mass sickness will, of course, affect drivers as much as other grades.


‘It has been suggested that this deal is a strike breaker’s charter. It isn’t. Because a strike is a lawful, known absence – that’s why we have a ballot and give seven days’ notice – so a strike cannot be construed as an “unauthorised absence”.


‘The company wanted driver only operation, but that is not what it has got. Drivers might operate the doors but Southern Rail trains will run, with rare exceptions, with two safety-critical people on board.


‘Looking to the future, we want to negotiate – we will do a deal – but we are not going to have new working conditions imposed. Southern knows that now.’

ASLEF welcomes HS2

23 February 2017

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has welcomed the HS2 Bill being set to receive Royal Assent. Mick said: ‘We believe Britain needs not only a new high speed rail line but a new high speed rail network and we would, ideally, like to see HS2...

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ASLEF and Southern Railways: Referendum result

16 February 2017

ASLEF drivers have rejected a proposed resolution to the long-running dispute with Southern Railways. The following question was put to our driver members employed by Southern. Do you accept the proposed agreement on driver only operation and related issues on GTR Southern services?   Yes: 317 [45.9%] No:  374 [54.1%]...

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New model for rail needed

05 February 2017

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has today published a report on the subject of Rail Franchising. The report highlights the many problems associated with the franchising process over the last two decades.   Commenting on the report ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘The MPs are right to...

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Agreement reached between ASLEF and GTR

02 February 2017

Following two weeks of talks ASLEF has reached an agreement with GTR, the parent company of Southern Rail, which resolves the current dispute by ensuring that both parties work together to develop improved safe systems of work. The agreement confirms that changes to working methods will be dealt with through the agreed collective bargaining procedures.

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ASLEF offers to suspend strikes on Southern Rail in return for new talks

17 January 2017

ASLEF has this morning offered to suspend industrial action on Southern Railways - if the company agrees to new talks hosted by Frances...

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