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Campaigning is ASLEF's core activity. Whether we are pressing for improvements in wages or conditions in a single company, arguing for a change in legislation to benefit our members, seeking justice for the underprivileged in this country or the abused abroad - we are on the campaign trail.

ASLEF is a founder member of Action for Rail a joint union campaign for a better future for Britain’s railways. We are also active in the Freight on Rail campaign which works to promote the economic,social and environmental benefits of rail freight. Other key campaigning initiatives currently include improvements to cab conditions, pensions and travel facilities. We try to make our campaigns innovative and eye-catching, and employ a range of tactics from Parliamentary lobbies and public demonstrations, to organisation of seminars and the production of literature. We believe that a union that ceases to campaign ceases to exist: and that any organisation committed to justice and equality will never have to look far for a cause that deserves our support.

ASLEF at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester 2014
In addition to participating in the conference, members of the ASLEF delegation will be represented at the following meetings:
People’s March for the NHS
Campaigners are marching 300 miles, through 23 towns across the country to protest about the dismantling, privatisation and destruction of the NHS
Emergency Lobby of Parliament: Tuesday 9 September
Stop the massacre in Gaza!
Back the TUC’s ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ march and rally
Support the TUC’s march in London on 18 October. Assemble at 11am in zone 9, on the Embankment between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge, for the march through central London to Hyde Park.
Join ASLEF at Liverpool Pride
ASLEF’s LGBT representative committee will be flying the ASLEF banner at Liverpool Pride on Saturday 2 August 2014.
Oppose unjustified privileges for private investors
ASLEF Political Fund Review Ballot
Before 1913 ‘political’ action by unions was unlawful. Without political activity and action by trade unions and their members we would not have achieved the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.
Action for Rail: Day of action 17 June
Action for Rail and partners are planning a day of action on June 17, to protest against government plans to rush through the formation of the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern (TSGN) super franchise.
Oppose mega trucks
On 18th March, a European Parliament vote could allow the increased use of massive trucks, up to 60 tonnes and 82ft long, across the EU.
Oppose the 4th Railway Package
On 25-26 Feb, MEPs will be voting on The Fourth Railway Package - a new set of regulations coming out of the European Commission that aims to impose privatisation on domestic rail passenger services in every EU member state. This will make it impossible for any UK government to change our failed privatised model.