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Emergency Protests: Solidarity with Greece

The European Central Bank is trying to force the new Greek government to its knees even though it is clearly impossible for them to pay off debts running at 175% of GDP, when GDP has been reduced by 25% due to austerity measures. There were mass demonstrations in Athens last week in support of the government anti-austerity stance.

The Greece Solidarity Campaign, Syriza London and other organisations have called for a Mass Rally in support of the people of Greece on Sunday 15 February at 13.00 assembling by the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square. Come along to show your support for the first anti-austerity government in Europe.

There will also be an emergency protest against the European Central Bank and in support of the anti-austerity movement in Greece with a display of banners on Wednesday February 11 at 6.30pm assembling by Churchill’s statue on Parliament Square in front of Big Ben.

As TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady predicted before the Greek elections, “there are powerful forces mobilising against the interests of the Greek people. So … they deserve and need our support and solidarity.” Things are coming to a head this week. Whether the anti-austerity Greek government makes a breakthrough or is forced into reverse has consequences for all the working people of Europe.

Support the anti-austerity Syriza-led Greek government. If it is destroyed, there are fascist forces waiting to capitalise on the situation with consequences that threaten us all.

For further Information visit the Greece Solidarity Campaign Facebook and

International Brigade Memorial Trust annual memorial conference: ‘Guernica: The destruction of a town and the creation of a masterpiece’

Saturday 7 March 2015. 11am – 5pm.

The Manchester Conference Centre and Pendulum Hotel, Sackville Street, M1 3BB

The annual memorial conference is held in memory of Dr Len Crome. Len went to Spain with the Scottish Ambulance Unit in December 1936, before joining the International Brigades in March 1937. He eventually became the Chief Medical Officer for the Spanish Republic’s 35th Division. By placing mobile hospitals as near to the frontline as possible, Len probably provided his patients with better treatment than they would have received in London hospitals.

The International Memorial Trust keeps alive the memory and spirit of the men and women from Britain, Ireland and other countries who volunteered to defend democracy and fight fascism in Spain from 1936 to 1939.