Women's Equality

ASLEF features in Labour Research article on women inmale-dominated industries, March 2015: Labour Research article March 2015Labour Research article March 2015

Some of the work that the Women's Representative Committee (WRC) has been involved with includes:

Women's Survey - In 2011 the Women’s Representative Committee undertook a survey of all of the female members with the aim of finding out about their experiences in the railway and of the union. The Labour Research Department wrote the analysis of the survey and the executive summary. A full version of the report is available here: 

LRD Womens Survey Results 2011LRD Women's Survey Results 2011

A Charter for Women - The Committee have been looking at ways of implementing the Charter within ASLEF. The Charter calls for a number of demands that the majority of TUC affiliated unions in the UK are supporting.

Maternity Rights - The WRC has produced best practice Maternity guidelines from the policies produced by the TOCs and FOCs and are available in the WRC's Guide to Reps below.

Menopause Policy – The WRC have produced a best practice guide for dealing with the menopause in the workplace. A copy is available below:

ASLEF Menopause best practiceASLEF Menopause best practice

Domestic Violence:  The WRC have produced a model policy for dealing with domestic violence.  A copy is available below:

ASLEF domestic abuse policyASLEF domestic abuse policy

Toilet Facilities –As a direct result of a motion from the WRC the TUC launched their 'Give us a (loo) break' campaign. The campaign calls for paid toilet breaks and appropriate facilities. The WRC are still trying to work towards achieving minimum standards for all our members.

ITF and ETF - Members of the WRC are frequently involved in conferences and seminars organised by the ITF and ETF.  These are events such as the ITF Congress, Women's Conference and Women in Rail seminars.

TUC – The WRC sends a delegation to the Women’s TUC Conference every year. In 2013 ASLEF submitted a motions on transport poverty and women as perpetrators of domestic violence.

The Women’s Representative Committee have written a guide to assist reps in understanding women’s issues in the workplace. It covers issues like pregnancy, maternity leave, parental leave, toilet facilities, sexual harrassment and more. To view the Women's Representative Committee's Guide for Reps click on the icon: ASLEF WRC Reps guide

International issues:

Colombia -The WRC have been supporting trade union sisters in Colombia who are face daily imprisonment and 'disappearance' because of their trade union activities. Justice for Colombia's offices are based at ASLEF head office.

The Equality Committees produce a newsletter called 'Equally Driven'. This is available to all women, ethnic minority and LGBT members, if you do not receive your copy please contact Head Office on 020 7324 2400 or email equality. Alternatively you can view a copy online.