ASLEF Education

What is ASLEF Education?

"ASLEF Education" is the name of the ASLEF learning project which is funded through the Government from the Union Learning Fund.

The aim of the project is to encourage train drivers to learn on both a personal and professional level with the support of their Union Learning Representative (ULR). The project will be working closely with members, industrial reps, H&S reps and ASLEF full time employees. Providing a secure network of support for ULRs and giving them an opportunity to gain skills that will allow them to provide a better service to ASLEF members and take ownership of the learning agenda.

What is the role of the Union Learning Representative (ULR)?

The union learning rep (ULR) is a union activist which the union has developed to promote learning at work. They are trained in advising members on learning needs and opportunities and have been leading the way in raising interest in training and development.

Why get involved?

  • The opportunity to get information, advice and guidance in the workplace from a colleague who is independent, trusted and a source of reliable information.
  •  The chance to improve your skills and gain recognised qualifications, work related or not.
  • Help you to fulfill your potential.
  • The opportunity to learn with your colleagues at a time that suits shift workers.

For more information on the project or union learning please contact the project team.

A full copy of the ASLEF Education bid is available on request.