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Learn my way is the website provided by Tinder Foundation to help you help people who are getting online for the first time, or are improving their skills. The website has more than 30 courses and is the perfect online learning platform for anyone new to using computers and the internet.

Learn my way courses are combined into packages to help guide learners through the site in a way that’s logical and easy to follow. Online Basics covers using a mouse and keyboard and the nitty gritty of searching online, sending emails and the basics of online safety.

Once a learner has got to grips with the basics, they can move onto Online Plus which will help them become a confident internet user. Through this package they can find out more about looking and applying for work online, using online government services,shopping online and more.

The site is full of lots of other great features and it allows learners to track their learning.

With recent additions including courses on using the internet to stay healthy and how to manage money online, the Learn my website is always growing - providing internet beginners with even more of what they need to get to enjoy an online life.

How to start Learn my way with ASLEF

Firstly you will need to enroll and register on the Learn my Way website, to do this you need to use the

Enrolment formEnrolment form


ALISON is doing something very simple but very significant: providing a free platform and a free package of resources which enable anyone, anywhere, anytime to build up,or brush up, on the knowledge or skills they want.

We provide 600 high-quality, certified,multimedia courses, free to individual learners. We want to do this because we believe education is a basic right for everyone, no matter where in the world they live. We are able to do it because major changes in learning, education and the Internet make it possible.

Whatever you see,is free, to you as an individual learner. Simply find the course you want, sign up or sign in, then study and get assessed at your own pace.

You can purchase your Certificate or Diploma after completing your course. Many learners opt to do this but there is no obligation and you can still complete your learning in full. ALISON is and will remain a free site for the individual learner.

How to start your ASLEF/ALISON online learning:

Firstly you will need to register on the ALISON.COM website, to do this you need to use the First time user guide.

Once you have registered you can enroll for any course where you will need to do the following:

Sign in to ALISON with your username and password

Choose a course and click the START button

Start the course

Fill out an enrolment form and send to Julie Rutter ASLEF Project Worker (Contact details can be found on the enrolment form.

Remember to fill out a form for each course you start, and let Julie know when you have completed the course and give feedback on your experience using ALISON.COM

To start your online learning click on the ALISON link: :

Alison user guideAlison user guide

Alison enrolment formAlison enrolment form

What is the National Numeracy Challenge?

The national Numeracy Challenge is:

· A UK wide drive designed to improve adults' confidence and competence with numeracy.

· A call to action to everyone in workplaces (employers and unions), adult education, community organisations, and individuals to - with our support -improve their numeracy using methods that suit them.

· Aimed specifically at the 78% of UK adults with an understanding of numeracy below the equivalent of Level 2 (GCSE grades A*-C).

The Challenge also aims to transform negative attitudes towards maths and numeracy and to create a positive “can do” attitude, a key element for improving numeracy skills.

To find out more about the challenge please contact Shirley Handsley on 07825 525 610 or email at

To enrol on to the challenge please use the guide and enrolment from. Please submit completed enrolment forms to Shirley Handsley on the email address above.

National Numeracy Challenge enrolment formNational Numeracy Challenge enrolment form

National Numeracy Challenge guideNational Numeracy Challenge guide