Education & Training

ASLEF is totally committed to the principle of life long learning - for members and workplace representatives alike. Some of the new schemes are radical, but at heart we're going back to our roots, recapturing the earlier traditions of the trade union movement to educate its members.

Our elected representatives have the opportunity to be trained to the highest standard, while ASLEF's pioneering involvement with the Union Learning Fund (ULF) - in partnership with the Government and the train operating companies - has boosted the Union as a learning centre. We have also built a strong link with the TUC Bargaining for Skills Unit and the TUC National College.

One of our most exciting new projects is the development of Learner Representatives, who we hope will do for education what health and safety representatives have done for safety. The opportunities are there for all to exploit in a very different context from our school day experiences.


Online Learning now available to ASLEF members - find out more by clicking on the link in the left hand column and start learning now!