How to join

How to join ASLEF

Approaching a member of your local depot is a good way to becoming a member. You can get all the information you need to become part of a democratic union tailored to your needs. They can give you all the up to date happenings and let you know of all the benefits that are available to an ASLEF member. 
Alternatively, you can complete the online form and we will forward you an Application Form which you can then have endorsed by your local branch at their next meeting. 

Either way, you become a member of a professional, democratic union which assures the highest standards of representation for workers in train grades employed by numerous rail companies. Most train companies recognise ASLEF as the appropriate union for train crews and joining its ranks should, for you, be the natural step to take.

Who can be a member?

Any person in the line of promotion to train driver or train operator employed by any railway undertaking, a supervisor who has been so employed and staff involved in the operation of trains on light and private railways wishing to become members of this Society are eligible to join ASLEF. We cannot undertake to accept employees not responsible for the operation of trains.

Membership rates

We adopt a 3 Tier Membership Rating according to your grade/seniority. 
Payment is via Direct Debit for all new members.

  • Scale 1 - For members who are on salaries above £35,900 
  • Scale 2 - For members who are on salaries between £30,000 and £35,899
  • Scale 3 - For members who are on salaries between £19,100 and £29,999
  • Scale 4 - For members who are salaries less than £19,100

Why you should join ASLEF?

ASLEF can proudly state that it represents the overwhelming majority of train drivers/operators or associated grades in the country by virtue of its understanding of their particular problems and specialist needs. 

If you join ASLEF you will become part of a group of professional workers with a common interest. 

Members' responsibilities

  • Members of ASLEF are expected to keep the Society up-dated with regard to changes of address, of their name, telephone number, employer, workplace, occupation/grade. All of this information can be vital especially when participating in ballots for industrial action.
  • Members should keep the union advised with regard to trade union studies completed and any credits or awards obtained. members should acquaint themselves with the policies of the union.

Request an application form (please provide your name and full address)

Or download the application form to fill in: ASLEF memb app form 2015ASLEF memb app form 2015