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Why we are striking in London on Boxing Day

19 Dec 2012

The union is being blamed for taking industrial action on Londonís tube network on Boxing Day. The real fault lies with a management that has failed both us and the public.

For three years on the run, our members have voted by over 90% to take industrial action on Boxing Day. There is clearly a major problem. But London Underground refuses to deal with it - or even treat it seriously.

Last year they said they would begin talks Ďin the first quarter of the yearí. They did not open discussions until a few weeks ago. And at those discussions they offered precisely nothing. They have put forward no proposals. Every initiative has come from the union side Ė and been rejected.

What we are asking for is not complex. We want a volunteer service on Boxing Day with those working getting more than flat time. An enhancement for this day will ensure members will be able to swap duties with someone who wishes to work.

We have also offered to join a Joint Working Party to look at other Bank Holidays and service levels required for the future.

Management has sat on its hands and offered nothing constructive to resolve this dispute, which is why we will take action on Boxing Day. It is because of their failure.

We donít expect support or gratitude from the public who will be inconvenienced on 26 December. But we hope there will be understanding.

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