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Night Tube postponed
27 Aug 2015London Underground eventually confirmed at 10.0 this morning that it has cancelled the introduction of the Night Tube on Saturday 12 September. This has been an open secret in the capital - everyone working on the railway knew they couldn't do it - but LU has continued to insist it would meet the date. Now LU says it will be introduced Ďat some point in the autumn, we donít know when.í
Action for Rail over rising fares
18 Aug 2015ASLEF activists were out in force at stations up and down the country today supporting Action for Rail's protests over rising fares.
ASLEF welcomes Jeremy's rail pledge
18 Aug 2015Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union, warmly welcomed Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn's public commitment on bringing Britain's railways back into public ownership if he forms the next Labour government in this country.
Mick condemns company for cashing in on veterans
17 Aug 2015Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train driversí union, has condemned South West Trains for cashing in on VJ Day by raising ticket prices on services into London.
Phones Issues at ASLEF Head Office
12 Aug 2015We are currently experiencing problems with our phone system at Head Office which mean people are unable to hear anything from our end on both incoming and outgoing calls. The matter is being investigated and we hope it will be resolved shortly.
Picking the pocket of the taxpayer
10 Aug 2015Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train driversí union, has reacted to the news, announced today, that the ORR is imposing a £2 million fine on Network Rail for its performance delivery to Southern, Govia Thameslink, and in Scotland.
Management escalate Tube Dispute
5 Aug 2015ASLEF members on London Underground have been forced to take a second day of strike action today in an ongoing dispute over London Undergroundís decision to force through new staff rosters for Night Tube without consultation.
Union welcomes rail debate in Labour leadership election
5 Aug 2015Labour leadership candidate Andy Burham MP has pledged to back the Ďprogressive renationalisationí of the railways if elected Labour leader. He is the second leadership candidate to support a strong Labour rail offer following Jeremy Corbynís commitment to full renationalisation of the railways.
Thanks to ASLEF supporters
5 Aug 2015ASLEFís general secretary Mick Whelan and the President of ASLEFís Executive Committee Tosh McDonald have expressed their thanks to the many trade unions and well-wishers who have sent messages of solidarity to ASLEF members on the London Underground, who are again taking strike action today.
ASLEF statement regarding the London Underground dispute
3 Aug 2015Over the weekend, ASLEF has consulted with our reps and branches across the Underground on the repackaged offer from London Underground. We have received responses from every line and each train crew depot.