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ASLEF backs Neil Findlay
31 Oct 2014ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, is backing Neil Findlay to become leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Neil, 45, a former bricklayer, housing officer, and English teacher, was elected to the Scottish Parliament as MSP for Lothian in 2011. He is Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing. Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, said: ‘We are supporting Neil Findlay in his bid to become leader of the Scottish Labour Party and, we hope, First Minister in 2016, because he has the character, the vision, the talent and the ability to deliver for the people of Scotland. Neil understands what Labour has to do to win back the hearts, the minds, and the votes of working men and women in Scotland.’ Neil is one of three candidates who have announced they are standing. The others are Jim Murphy, MP for East Renfrewshire, and Sarah Boyack, MSP for Edinburgh Central.
Join ASLEF at the CLASS conference
28 Oct 2014Mick Whelan, ASLEF General Secretary, will be speaking at the second annual national conference of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies – called What Britain Needs – at Congress House, the home of the TUC, in central London on Saturday 1 November.
ASLEF slams TfL waste of money
24 Oct 2014Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union, has hit out at Transport for London for wasting taxpayers' money after it coughed up £80 million to a company which failed to deliver on an important contract. “Three years ago Bombardier were awarded the contract to replace and upgrade the signalling on the sub-surface railway, which includes the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines on the London Underground. By December last year it was clear that Bombardier was not going to deliver and the decision was taken to cancel the contract. But I don't understand why TfL wants to reward failure rather than success. It's outrageous that TfL are wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers' and passengers' money.” The London Assembly Transport Committee has also said it was surprised and disappointed that TfL paid Bombardier to end the signalling contract for sub-surface lines. The committee asked why the company's “woeful failure” was rewarded with “a fat cheque”.
Union concerned at rising rail suicides
23 Oct 2014The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) have released statistics on annual fatalities, showing an increase in suicides on the railway over recent years. A closer look also reveals that there were 28 suspected suicides in July and 29 in August, up from the monthly average of 23 over the past year.
Lobby of Parliament over Northern & Transpennine Express Franchises
23 Oct 2014Join ASLEF and the RMT on the 4 November 2014.
Mick on the march
17 Oct 2014'Many of you will be getting ready to march in London with the ASLEF contingent, and the rest of the trade union movement, tomorrow demanding that Britain needs a pay rise,' says GS Mick Whelan. 'It can only be of benefit to the whole economy to treat all workers with dignity and reinvigorate the British economy by increasing the spending power of working families. Thanking you all in advance for your support and solidarity and hoping, this time, the media actually report a major demonstration but, more importantly, the politicians listen.'
ASLEF says support the NHS strike
13 Oct 2014NHS hospital staff, including nurses, paramedics, ambulance crews and midwives are striking this morning for the first time in 32 years. Strike action is taking place between 7am and 11am today. During the rest of the week NHS unions are urging all of their members to take the breaks they are entitled to, including meal breaks. Urgent and emergency services are not affected.
ASLEF condemns decision to sell off government stake in Eurostar
13 Oct 2014Despite huge public support for taking the railways back into public ownership, George Osborne has decided to sell off the UK government's stake in Eurostar.
ASLEF condemns new rail franchise schedule
10 Oct 2014The Department for Transport’s Prior information notice (PIN) which sets out the rail franchising timetable from 2014 was published today. Ten franchises have now been granted direct awards or interim contracts.
ASLEF condemns Scottish rail franchise award
8 Oct 2014ASLEF has condemned the rushed decision to award a 10-year ScotRail franchise to run from spring next year.