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ASLEF statement regarding the London Underground dispute
3 Aug 2015Over the weekend, ASLEF has consulted with our reps and branches across the Underground on the repackaged offer from London Underground. We have received responses from every line and each train crew depot.
Tube Upgrades delayed by 5 years
3 Aug 2015Transport for London announced that vital modernisation work on the Circle, District, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan lines will be delayed following the failure of a £350 million signalling project. The upgrades were due to be completed in 2018 but TfL today announced a revised date of 2023, more than five years late. The new price tag for the signalling work is £760 million.
Train driver minimises impact of train collision in Kent
28 Jul 2015A quick thinking train driver minimised the impact of a serious collision in Kent on Sunday as the 2010 from Charing Cross to Ramsgate collided with a herd of cattle, killing five cows and derailing the leading carriage of an eight coach train. Over 70 passengers were evacuated and none were injured.
LU puts safety at risk
22 Jul 2015London Underground has threatened to take legal action against ASLEF after we gave them notice that our members would refuse to bring trains into service that have not been subject to safety checks in line with LU's own safety standards. Our lawyers are currently dealing with this matter. Separately, the ORR has launched an investigation into safety concerns raised by the RMT. Finn Brennan, ASLEF's lead negotiator on the Tube, said: 'Rather than sitting down with us to resolve this industrial dispute, London Underground are threatening to take legal action to stop our members doing their jobs safely by making sure their trains are fully safety checked before entering service. It is now clear that their agenda is not to resolve this dispute but to force through changes, no matter what the impact on staff and the safety of their passengers. Their action today has grievously undermined the trust needed for talks to make progress and so made it much harder to avoid further strikes.'
Tories' anti-union laws
13 Jul 2015Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’union, has roundly condemned the Conservative government’s plans, leaked over the weekend, to bring in new laws on Wednesday to make it harder for trade unions lawfully to take industrial action.
Tube strike today
9 Jul 2015This is a message this morning from Finn Brennan, District 8 Organiser, and the man who has been leading our negotiations with LU over the Night Tube:
It's not about the money
9 Jul 2015District 8 Organiser Finn Brennan sets right some misconceptions about Tube drivers in The Independent today …
ScotRail deal
8 Jul 2015Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF's organiser in Scotland, and the ScotRail company council, are recommending acceptance to the EC of an offer negotiated with the company. The deal includes a 2.5% increase on salary and allowances from the 1 April this year; a booking allowance of £67.50 paid for all Sunday turns worked from that date; rural driver compliments to increase by a minimum of one at each depot; a joint working party on developing a professional drivers agreement; a new technology agreement on developing the use of a tablet; and full training to be given to all drivers in line with the 2013/14 pay deal.
Remembering the victims of 7/7
7 Jul 2015'Today we remember the victims of the terror attacks on the public transport system of our capital city ten years ago,' said Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union. 'On 7 July 2005 three suicide bombers exploded devices on Underground trains at Edware Road, Aldgate and Russell Square while another blew up a bus at Tavistock Square. Today our thoughts are with the victims of those attacks, and their families, and with all those who work on London's public transport system, and the emergency services, who did all they could to help ten years ago.'
Working on 7 July 2005
7 Jul 2015Finn Brennan, ASLEF's District 8 Organiser, remembers the terrorist attacks on London's transport system ten years ago: