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ASLEF joins the People's March for the NHS
2 Sep 2014ASLEF District Council 6 were pleased to be at Northampton to welcome the NHS People's March yesterday, and are joining the march between Northampton and Bedford today.
Celebrations at NR headquarters
1 Sep 2014ASLEF, the RMT, TSSA and TUC were celebrating outside Network Rail headquarters this morning, to mark the day the company is effectively recognised as a nationalised public body by the Government.
Solidarity with colleagues in Ireland
1 Sep 2014ASLEF sent a message of solidarity today to Irish unions SIPTU and NRBU who are in talks with management over the decision to impose unilateral cuts to wages of between 1.7 and 6.1 per cent.
Network Rail renationalised
29 Aug 2014Mick Whelan has welcomed the renationalisation of Network Rail. Although the government, of course, has been careful to avoid the ‘n’ word. Preferring to refer to it as a ‘statistical decision’ to make NR a ‘public sector organisation’. He said: ‘Semantics notwithstanding, we’re delighted that Network Rail has been brought back onto the books as a public body. We have consistently called for Britain’s railways to be brought back into public ownership so we think it’s great that half of our railway system – the steel if not the wheels – have now been brought back into public ownership. And, if I can be permitted a smile, we think it’s ironic that such a big chunk of the railway has been renationalised by a Tory government! Privatisation has failed this country. It is a flawed business model that is not delivering for the people who work in it, the people who use it, and the people who depend on it. We need a modern, integrated railway fit for the 21st century. And that means a publicly-controlled, publicly-accountable, publicly-owned British railway.’
Network Rail demo
29 Aug 2014ASLEF, with our Action for Rail partners at the RMT, TSSA, Unite and the TUC, will be celebrating the renationalisation of Network Rail outside Network Rail's head office in King's Place, behind King's Cross station, at 9am on Monday 1 September.
central line
27 Aug 2014Six days after LUL management ended talks at ACAS, ASLEF has still not been contacted by the company to discuss the fundamental issues that led to last Friday’s strike on the Central line in London. The 24 hour walkout was 100% solidly supported by our members and led to an almost total shut down of the Central line – regarded as the backbone of the Underground network in the capital – and the Waterloo & City line. Finn Brennan, ASLEF’s District Organiser, said: ‘The issues at the heart of this dispute – treatment of staff; failing to stick to agreements made; and cuts in safety training – aren’t going to go away. London Underground says this is an unnecessary strike, but they don’t seem prepared to deal with the problems we have raised or even to get around the table.’ If there is no resolution to the dispute, the union’s executive committee has advised London Underground that our members on the Central and Waterloo & City lines will again withdraw their labour between 00.01 and 23.59 on Wednesday 17 September.
ASLEF activists make an impact
21 Aug 2014Congratulations all of our members and supporters who were out alongside other Action for Rail campaigners at over 60 stations across the UK on Tuesday. It was a very successful day of action in terms of handing out postcards, talking to passengers and getting a wide range of media coverage. And already 800 online letters have been emailed to MPs.
Rise in sexual assaults on the railway must spell an end to cutting staff on trains and stations.
21 Aug 2014Figures from the British Transport Police have shown an increase of 20.8% in recorded sexual offenses on the UK railway. There were 1,117 incidents in the 12 months ending March 2014, with crimes against both men and women on the rise.
Network Rail & FoI
20 Aug 2014Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has spoken out after reports that David Cameron has decided that Network Rail, which will be brought back into public ownership next month, will not be covered by the Freedom of Information Act. Mick said: ‘Network Rail, in a couple of weeks, is going back on the books as a public body. We think it’s great that 50% of Britain’s railways are to be brought back into public ownership – and we think it’s ironic that such a big chunk of the railway is to be renationalised by a Tory government! – but it’s wrong that Network Rail is to be excluded from Freedom of Information. Why? What has this government got to hide? What are they not telling us? And what do the Conservatives not want us to know?’ Network Rail will be reclassified as a public body on 1 September. Two newspapers – the Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times, clearly well-briefed by sources inside Downing Street – have reported that while the energy companies will now be covered by FoI, the Prime Minister has blocked moves to include Network Rail.
Claire Perry's comfortable commute
20 Aug 2014Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has condemned controversial comments by junior transport minister Claire Perry. Ms Perry, who earned a six figure salary working as a banker with Bank of America, McKinsey and Credit Suisse before becoming Conservative MP for Devizes at the last general election, offered the extraordinary opinion, on the day it was announced that rail fares are set to soar way above inflation in January, that passengers ‘should realise they’re paying fair fares for a comfortable commute.’