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Scottish public pay £193,000 for franchise advice
29 May 2008The Scottish government recently decided to extend Scotrail’s franchise by a further 3 years. It was supposed to run out in 2011. The SNP government has extended it to 2014. Why did they decide to extend the franchise at this stage? It is inexplicable to just about everyone else.
Cab struck at Liverpool Street bridge
29 May 2008Debris fell from a 1,200 ton bridge onto railway tracks last night, leading to the closure of Liverpool Street station in London. The affected bridge was being worked on by Balfour Beatty and Carillion for Transport for London as part of the development of the Lorol project.
Irish train drivers in unofficial action
28 May 2008Rail services from Cork continue to be disrupted today as unofficial strike action continues for a seventh day despite fresh talks
ScotRail offers reward to find rail vandals
19 May 2008First ScotRail has offered a £1,000 reward for anyone able to help bring to justice the vandal who dangled a heavy metal object from a bridge, causing it to crash through the windscreen of the train. The driver narrowly avoided being seriously injured – or even killed – as his passenger service train was travelling at 60 mph when it was struck.
Belgium rail workers begin strike this evening
19 May 2008Belgium railway services, including the Eurostar, are due to be cancelled after four rail unions have called a 24-hour strike starting tonight (19 May) at 20:00 GMT and ending tomorrow night.
Russian Drivers Seek to Double their Roubles
16 May 2008Russian train drivers are to receive a 12 per cent pay rise this year although authorities claim this is completely unrelated to the threat of industrial action by the Russian Trade Union of Rail Engine Drivers.
New Zealand takes rail back into public hands
15 May 2008‘The news that the New Zealand government is to repurchase its national rail and ferry operations is not only good news for passengers in that country – it is also a clear proof that the same could – and can – be done in this country,’ says ASLEF’s Keith Norman. ‘All it needs it the political will – and for the UK government to begin seeking solutions rather than excuses.’
Petrol Prices Drive Americans into Trains
14 May 2008The price of petrol has driven Americans to increasingly use trains to get to work. Many American commuters who have recently changed to rail have been delighted with the savings they have made.
Union wants apology for Eurostar delay driver
12 May 2008UK Eurostar drivers are demanding an apology from SNCF chief Guillaume Pepy who wrongly accused a British driver of being to blame for a 10-hour delay on the 2000 Eurostar from London to Paris on 18 April.
Boris booze blitz ‘barmy’!
12 May 2008London mayor Boris Johnson has announced that he intends to ban all alcohol from the capital’s Tube system next month. ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman said this amounts to ‘policies without planning’. ‘It just hasn’t been thought through,’ Keith said.