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We will not be shy

26 April 2018

I want to thank our members at Acton Town for the unity and solidarity shown in the action taken over the abrogation of recognised and agreed process and procedure and virtual blackmail of a colleague into another role.

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The clock is ticking...

26 March 2018

Market madness caused by the fragmentation of our industry is getting more and more surreal. We have at least two operators in the south-east replacing new rolling stock with new rolling stock because it’s cheaper! Traction and coaches were criminally undervalued at privatisation creating a cartel where the ROSCOs have...

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The fight for rights

01 March 2018

It is right that we highlight in this edition of the Journal the centenary of votes for women and the often violent struggle that went with it. The irony of Magna Carta, and the associated freedoms achieved for the barons, is not...

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Scandal of Carillion

29 January 2018

Not a good start to the year for the government. Just as the dust settled on the East Coast debacle came the botched reshuffle and then Carillion, one of the biggest beneficiaries of public-private finance initiatives, goes into administration. In line with...

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Heads they win, tails we lose

26 December 2017

Virgin Care, having lost a contract, sued the health authority and were awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds and, to rub salt into the wounds, awarded a major contract in Lancashire. When Virgin Stagecoach lost the West Coast gravy train they used the same tactics; we...

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