Hazards Manifesto 2019

Safe and Healthy Work for All

The Hazards Campaign has launched its Manifesto for health and safety fit for workers - decent jobs and decent lives. This has been published to assess the position we've been pushed into by the de-regulation-crazy Tories, who have denigrated workplace protections to the point they are the easy butt of every comedian’s jokes, and to set out ideas on how to repair the damage done.

They succinctly put the case for action - "Work contributes to a huge amount of public ill-health, to health inequality, lower life expectancy, less years of healthy life kills over 50,000 people in the UK each year, makes millions ill, injures over half a million and the quality of jobs contributes to poverty and ill-health.

"But all of this is preventable with the right framework of strong laws, strict enforcement and support for active worker and union participation and will have massive payback for workers, employers and whole economy.

"The current political situation has given is an opportunity to place health and safety firmly back on the political agenda," says the campaign's Janet Newsham.

"An opportunity to address our concerns, to discuss what we want from regulation, enforcement, to support trade union safety reps and how workers should be treated with more dignity and be able to organise and respond collectively."

Their key areas for action are:

  • End deregulation and restore regulation and enforcement as a social good.
  • Develop a health and safety system based on prevention, precaution and participation of strong active unions.
  • Ensure good health and safety in low paid and precarious work via joint enforcement agency working.

The manifesto is supported by ASLEF.

Click here to read the manifesto.

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