Petition Downing Street on Longer Lorries

01 August 2007

Keith Norman is asking members to sign an on-line petition on the Downing Street website calling on the government not to allow longer and heavier lorries onto our roads. The initiative was begun by Alan Edwards, an ASLEF member at Ipswich (Freightliner).

The link for the petition is

‘I’m grateful to Alan for setting up the petition,’ Keith says, ‘and I hope a good number of drivers will support the idea.’

Alan points out on the No 10 site that, ‘These lorries are up to 30 metres long, and weigh between 60 to 84 tonnes, the 60 tonner is 50% longer and over a third heavier than existing 44 tonne lorries,that already use our roads.They are totally unsuited to our roads on economic, environmental and especially saftey grounds. We have enough lorries on our already congested roads, so use the alternative,put the traffic on the railways.’

The union is lobbying on the issue, but signing the petition is another useful way of getting our views across. It has been used successfully in the past – notably on the issue of road pricing.

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