Northern Accord

26 July 2007

The union has agreed a joint statement with Northern about harmonisation and rest day working.

The full statement is as follows:

As part of this year’s pay negotiations, it was agreed that Northern would, within 3 months, table detailed proposals regarding the harmonisation of employment terms and conditions for the various grade groups in scope of the Company’s Collective Bargaining Agreements. By 1 June 2007, Northern put forward detailed Harmonisation proposals for all the grade groups and they are now the subject of joint discussion between the Company and representative Trade Unions.

We’d like to take this opportunity to clear up the confusion over the issue of Harmonisation and the 2007 Pay Agreement. The Agreement, reached, as part of this year’s pay negotiations, was that Northern would submit detailed proposals to the trade unions within 3 months, which was achieved. The pay settlement that we agreed was never conditional upon achieving agreement on Harmonisation. We’d like to confirm that both Northern and ASLEF are in agreement that the 2007 pay settlement is unaffected by our ongoing discussions.

I am also pleased to tell you that following talks this week, ASLEF and Northern have agreed a temporary extension to the current NOD/Rest Day Working Agreements until the end of ASLEF’s August 2007 EC session

The ASLEF Executive Committee will discuss the future of the current NOD/Rest Day working Agreements at their next meeting in August and we will let you know the outcome and next steps shortly afterwards.

We think the current Agreement is of benefit to both Northern and our employees and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Drivers for their assistance and support in making the Agreements work.

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