Edinburgh Light Rail to go ahead

24 July 2007

A £660 million Light Rail system for Edinburgh is to go ahead despite attempts by the Scottish Nationalist to block the development. ASLEF’s Scottish organiser Kevin Lindsay, who has campaigned for the system over a number of years, says he is delighted at the news. ‘This will mean real improvements to the quality of life of people living in the city, with a cleaner environment and less congested roads.’

The development has been given the go-ahead after Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Greens and solo independent MSP's voted 81-47 against the Scottish National Party to support the tramway.

Reports suggest that 77% of students at Telford College would use the Edinburgh tram, with more than half (53%) leaving their car at home to do so. Some 81% of staff at the Scottish Gas headquarters at Granton have said that they would use the tram - 63% of whom currently drive to work.

ASLEF will be seeking recognition for the drivers.

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