ASLEF and UNITE sign memoramdum of understanding

19 July 2007

ASLEF and UNITE today signed a memorandum of understanding about their intentions to work together for agreed objectives within the rail industry.

Unite's Joint General Secretary, Derek Simpson said, 'We hope that by coming to this accord we can promote the interests of both sets of our members as well as working for an integrated, publicly accountable passenger and freight network.'

ASLEF's General Secretary, Keith Norman said he was confident for the future of an arrangement in which UNITE's resources and influence nationally would work alongside ASLEF's enormous influence within the railway industry.

Both sides dismissed suggestions that this was a precursor to a merger.

Keith Norman continued, 'Neither side feels any pressure for merger; we are not in positions of competition or conflict as regards membership; but we do see areas where we can cooperate for the good of our members.'

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