Eurotunnel freight charges to drop

19 July 2007

Eurotunnel is set to revise down its fee structure for freight trains using the channel tunnel. The cross channel service has suffered badly due to customers abandoning the route to avoid the prohibitive costs.

The current fee structure, based on arrangements made in 1994 before the tunnel’s opening, appears to be open to changes as Eurotunnel now has the resources to invest in its own freight trains.

The revised charges will enable EWS to launch services connecting all parts of Britain with destinations across mainland Europe

Both ASLEF and employers have welcomed the move. Keith Norman says, “this is a piece of much needed positive news for our freight drivers, as it comes at a time when the industry is being threatened by the possible introduction of LHVs onto our roads.”

EWS added: “The change in charges proposed by Eurotunnel represents a significant milestone in the development of cross-channel rail freight. An economic and affordable pricing scheme for freight trains, set at a level the market can bear, will allow goods to be re-captured to freight trains.”

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