Progress on 66 cabs leads to normal working

14 June 2007

The executive committee is advising all members to work normally on Class 66 locos next week because of the progress being made in discussions with the Freight Operating Companies. The employers have shown that they are prepared to move on the issue and the union therefore wishes to retain an atmosphere where improvements can be negotiated.

Further updates will be issued in the near future, but so far the following commitments have been received:

Progress report on cab conditions Class 66 Locomotives

We wrote to FOCs with Class 66’s setting a deadline of 18 June 2007 when ASLEF members should refuse to work trains which are operated by Class 66 locomotives until such time as this matter is resolved to our satisfaction, in order to protect the safety of our members and the travelling public.


Freightliner intermodal/FL Heavy Haul

Had talks on 31 May with Mr A Morrison, District Organiser, District No.5, Mr H Bradley, Executive Committee Member, District No.2 and 1 FL Business Council reps from FLIM and HH. A FL engineer was also in attendance.


Air cooling

Working with Pullman Air Conditioning to develop and test a cooling unit in both cabs of a Class 66. Test unit in place by August 2007. Also review of an alternative cooling unit made by Creactive, jointly funded by Fl and GBRf, and on trial now with a GBRf 66.

(Other issues include provision of flasks and water, blinds, and lightweight summer clothing).



One new seat on a FLIM and one FLHH C66 for drivers to sample, no later than August 2007.


FLHH Business council

Awaiting outcome of GBRft trials.


Mr A Morrison, District Organiser, District No.5

DO adds that FL group are looking at ways to reduce noise and vibration, but are hoping the new seats will alleviate some of the problems.


Conclusion by DO

FLIM and HH (and GBRf) are taking this issue seriously and asks the EC not to implement EC Res 365/437, and allow time for trials to progress, and talks to continue.



The letters of 23 and 29 make no new proposals from position that the EC rejected previously. Just want to meet with the General Secretary.


EWS TCC report

CC report that EWS had made a lot of promises, but had not met with the TCCC Traction and training sub Co since the last EC deadline of 28 February 2007 to discuss this.

“I'm at a loss to explain the 2nd paragraph of the letter sent to the General Secretary by Gerry Skelton on Class 66 Locomotives because apart from the 1 Class 66 locomotive under trial with a dust pan and scoop, bin liners and wet wipes there has been no progress on any other cab environment issues and I'm not aware of any agreement on any cab proposals between Company Council and EWS”.



Cab cooling

Working towards fitment and trial soon, with fleet wide roll out.


Noise reduction

Active Noise Control being tested, and in place prior to June 2007. This system have been proven to reduce noise by up to 6dB.



Fitting Air Ride seats. to reduce vibration, if trial successful . However, these can cause motion sickness, so feedback from train crew is being sought. Further, existing seat is causing no reported problems .



Air cooling

Trials on-going with air cooling system.



Jointly funding with FL trial of new “Gamma” seats. Much better forwards and backwards movement and are fully adjustable in all planes and to the individual with of the driver etc.

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