Union welcomes ‘green rail’ initiatives

01 June 2007

Keith Norman has welcomed FirstGroup’s plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 25%. ‘Initiatives like this will ensure a healthy future for rail,’ he said. ‘Public transport is already the ‘clean and green’ alternative to car use – but improvements like this will put us streets ahead.’

Among its plans FirstGroup included offering its train drivers extra training on fuel-efficient techniques and it intends to introduce ‘regenerative braking’ for trains – basically feeding energy used in braking back into the system.

‘I welcome these plans, as I did Eurostar’s announcement that it intends to cut carbon dioxide emissions by a quarter over the next five years.

‘The industry is beginning to play its part in ‘greening’ the UK. It deserves the full and enthusiastic support of the government as its does so – and I mean with investment, not just warm words from the side-lines.’

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