ASLEF conference Day 3

24 May 2007

ASLEF’s AAD (annual conference) concentrated on industry issues in today’s session and featured debates on mobile phones, computers, speed limits, cab conditions and travel facilities.


Conference delegates urged the executive to ensure there is a clear, national, cross-country policy on the use of mobile phones in cabs. On one hand it was pointed out that - with hands-off technology - communications is available in aircraft and taxis – but this is probably not the route the union would seek. Brother Silk from Colchester said that in his region phones were provided for emergencies – but with the clear proviso that they must be switched off in the car in normal circumstances. It was important that drivers had a single standard.


The union is to argue with managers that it would be simpler and better for the environment for the masses of paper drivers have to carry to be put onto computers provided by companies. Drivers need to know and/or carry with them Rule Book, Sectional Appendices, Traction and Traning manuals, WONs and PONs .


The union is to take up the ludicrous situation where speeds are not published which, if infringed, can cause the intervention of TPWS overspeed sensors. Clearly indicated speeds will help to avoid the situation where a driver may be tempted to ‘reset and go’ to avoid being placed into SMD. Limits exist, so it is pointless not to advertise them.


The union is to campaign for travel facilities to be restored to levels that were enjoyed before privatisation.


There was solid support for the union’s date of 18 June for action on cab conditions in Class 66 if there is no movement from operating companies.


Bernard Regan addressed conference on the importance of supporting the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s attempts to end the 49-year old, and illegal, US trade embargo of the island.

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