Union will campaign on congestion charge

23 May 2007

ASLEF’s annual assembly of delegates has charged the executive with mounting a campaign to exclude the drivers of train, tube and light railway vehicles who work in depots within the congestion zone from paying the charge.

The union accepted that the congestion charge in London has been a real success, reducing traffic and improving the environment. But it has caused problems for drivers. It was estimated that if drivers pay the charge, they could end up paying £200 a month in order to provide an essential public service!

Many drivers have no alternative but to use their cars in order to provide the capital with the transport it needs. ‘We should be assisted as vital workers – not penalised for it!’ said Waterloo delegate Mars Colombini.

The congestion charge will, other delegates pointed out, be soon be ‘coming to a town near you’. There were proposals for the reinstatement of staff trains and suggestions for more services that could limit the need for car travel.

‘We have a right to enable London to be a greener place without ASLEF members having to pay for it.’


Brown letter day

The general secretary is to write to Gordon Brown when he takes over as Prime Minister in order to remind him about decisions at the 1995 and 2004 Labour Party conferences which called for the return of our industry to public ownership and accountability.


Pensions policy reiterated

The union is to continue to campaign on linking pensions to wages. Gordon Brown has said this might happen in 2012, but it was pointed out that ‘now’ is a better time – especially as there is no guarantee that he will be in a position to deliver the promise at that time.

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