Executive recommends support for Peter Hain

11 May 2007

ASLEF’s executive is recommending that its members who are also members of the Labour Party vote for Peter Hain as Deputy Leader.

Keith Norman says the decision was made on the basis of Peter’s attitude towards the union/Labour link, his commitment to consultation with, and involvement of, ordinary Party members - and his persuasive abilities that we saw to such good effect in the Northern Ireland Irish peace process.

‘I am very grateful for ASLEF’s backing,’ Peter said. ‘I have long had warm fraternal relations with the union and I look forward to that continuing.’

Peter was the first candidate for the deputy leadership to make it onto the ballot paper when it was revealed yesterday that he had 48 nominations from Labour MPs- more than enough to become a contender to succeed John Prescott.

At the time of going to press it was unsure whether the union’s favoured candidate for the Leadership – John McDonnell MP – will challenge Gordon Brown.

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