Progress on 66 cabs - or action in June

24 April 2007

The Executive Committee has warned that ASLEF members will refuse to drive Class 66 locos from 18 June until – and unless - the executive is satisfied with cab conditions in these vehicles. Union general secretary Keith Norman says the cabs are ‘unhealthy, unsafe and unsatisfactory’.

Previously the union gave a negotiating deadline of 28 February for the companies involved – mainly GB Railfreight, Freightliner Heavy Haul, EWS, Freightliner Intermodal and DRS - to bring forward proposals to resolve issues about the cab environment.

Some companies responded positively by that date – for example GB Railfreight are taking the lead on trials for new seating and air conditioning with DRS and Freightliner awaiting the outcome of these trials.

Equally it is apparent that no positive progress has yet been achieved.

This week the Executive Committee will advise the freight companies of our intentions to refuse to work on these locomotives on the grounds of health and safety beyond the deadline of 18 June. The resolution spelled out that, ‘From the commencement of service on 18th June 2007, members should refuse to work trains which are operated by class 66 locomotives.’

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