Union outraged as brick thrown at driver

04 April 2007

Keith Norman has spoken of his ‘deep anger’ at the news that another train driver has been injured because hooligans have thrown bricks at a train travelling from Swansea to Pembroke Dock.

‘What kind of person is foolish and callous enough to carry out such vandalism?’ Keith asks. ‘Youth’ or ‘Boredom in school holidays’ are not excuses. Regardless of their age, these people can see the consequences and know the risks. They are criminals.’

Keith says there must be a ‘constant and unrelenting campaign of education in schools  but essentially in homes  to warn young people to keep away from railways.

‘This driver, from Carmarthen, could have been killed by a callous act that could also destroy the life of a foolish child.’

Four other trains were cancelled because of the incident which took place at about half past six last night (Tuesday).

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