Mayor puts block on late Tubes – blames ASLEF

06 February 2007

ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman says Ken Livingstone is being ‘disingenuous’ by seeking to blame ASLEF for preventing later running of London’s weekend tubes.

The Mayor of London said the proposal would not go ahead because of a lack of progress on pay talks with the union.

‘I am astonished that Ken is pointing the finger at ASLEF,’ Keith says. ‘The problem is not London’s tube drivers. It is London Underground Limited’s negotiators. They don’t seem to know what negotiation means. It is not seeking concessions from us and offering nothing in return.’

The union says the mayor has increased black cab fares for night running; that staff in bars and clubs are recompensed for longer opening; and that the police are paid for unsociable working. ‘We are simply looking for a similar arrangement,’ Keith says.

Keith says it is ‘wrong and misleading’ to suggest that ASLEF is preventing later weekend tube running. ‘We are taking no action and we are quite prepared to negotiate. We have already been to ACAS twice and I repeat today that we are willing to go to non-binding arbitration anytime. I will make myself available this afternoon if necessary.’

ASLEF’s London organiser Steve Grant says the union’s members have been asked to work overtime to cover the extra work but says there are not sufficient staff to cover present duties. He also said there was a clear solution – an additional 1% on a proposed three year deal. ‘For that the company can have stability and later running , and our members get reasonable compensation. It’s called negotiation,’ he adds, echoing the general secretary. He also added that the LUL proposal ‘to put the negotiated deal to the members’ was absurd. ‘Nothing has been negotiated, and there is therefore no deal to put to anyone,’ Steve says.

The sides are due to meet at senior level on Friday to see if progress is still possible despite the Mayor’s ‘unfortunate intervention’.

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