LUL – 13 month pay ordeal grinds on

17 January 2007

Steve Grant, ASLEF’s London Organiser, says the union’s London Underground members are increasingly angry at the company’s inability to sort out a pay claim that has been on the table for 13 months.

‘We have negotiated fairly and honestly, we have offered to go to non- binding arbitration and we have discussed changes to finish times,’ Steve says. ‘It seems the company is either incapable or unwilling to bring these talks to a conclusion.’

He says that most ASLEF members are now owed over £1,000 in back pay even if the present offer from LU were acceptable.

‘It is particularly galling when London Underground is bragging about carrying a record number of passengers – over a billion – it has ticket prices going up over the level of inflation - and then it offers us a rise that’s less than inflation! Don’t they realise that without drivers, they would have no transport system at all?’

The union has said it would accept a three-year deal and considers increases of 5%, 4% and 4% reasonable, especially as it is prepared to offer later running as part of such a deal – but finds the company offer of un-guaranteed and non-pensionable bonus payments unacceptable.

‘We’re willing to continue talking at ACAS or face-to-face – but I have to warn the company and the public that unless there is realistic movement from the company, we will have to consider other ways of progressing this matter.’

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