Unity wins the day in Northern Line dispute

12 January 2007

ASLEF has called off its proposed industrial action on London Underground’s Northern Line after a driver was reinstated yesterday.

It was quite a turn-around as the union had been threatened with an injunction earlier in the week.

‘I am delighted that this decision has been reached,’ said General Secretary Keith Norman. ‘I just regret that it has taken so long.’

The union points out that the process began almost four months ago, and has been incensed at the delay in coming to a conclusion. London Organiser Steve Grant says it is due to the unity of the membership that it has now been resolved.

‘The disciplinary hearing didn’t take place until three months after the incident,’ Steve says. ‘An appeal should take 14 days, but took over three weeks to arrange. Then, rather than give a decision on the day, we were told we would have to wait for seven days. In fact we did not hear the outcome for 22 days, which left our member not knowing if he had a job over the Christmas period. It was badly handled.

‘Happily we can now we can get on with our job of running London’s transport – which is what we want to do.’

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