Heathrow extension decision delayed

04 December 2008

The Department for Transport has decided to delay its decision on whether a third runway should be built at Heathrow. Keith Norman welcomed the Prime Minister’s assurance that a final decision will only be made after full consideration of the environmental implications. ‘If this is the case, I am confident it won’t be built,’ Keith said.


ASLEF’s main argument concerns journeys that could be undertaken by less environmentally disastrous forms of transport than air. ‘There is a perfectly achievable alternative to flying to places like Glasgow, Manchester, Aberdeen or Newcastle – and that is a high-speed railway,’ Keith says. ‘Money should be diverted from polluting a small area to the west of London to enhancing the transport system of the entire country.’


Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon said the decision was being delayed to give full consideration to all the strong views’ which needed ‘proper consideration’, while the Opposition has accused the government of dithering.


‘It is a contentious issue and I know that the Cabinet it not in accord over it, not to mention the 140 MPs who have signed a Commons motion urging a re-think,’ Keith says. ‘But frankly I don’t mind how long it takes so long as we make the right decision in the end.’

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