Scotland ‘end work violence’ event 1 Dec

26 November 2008

ASLEF and the Transport section of the Unite union are organizing an event on Monday 1 December aimed at reducing the threat of staff violence. ‘Our immediate concern is the increased number of attacks we witness over the festive season,’ says ASLEF’s Scottish Officer Kevin Lindsay. ‘But we hope to maintain and expand the campaign throughout the coming year.’


Union members will gather outside Glasgow Central Station at 1100 to hand out ‘mince pies – and a message’. After this there will be a public meeting in the Station Hotel, to which the media have been invited. Speakers will include Jim Devine MP, Unite’s Deputy Regional Secretary Jackson Culliane, the MSP Hugh Henry as well as Kevin Lindsay.


‘We are aiming to highlight that violence against transport workers is not acceptable to staff or the public,’ Kevin says. ‘This is the first event planned in a joint campaign seeking legislation to protect all transport workers.’


The union is urging ASLEF members to go along to the event on Monday wearing their work uniforms.

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