BNP is not for export says GS

13 November 2008

Keith Norman has joined a campaign aimed at preventing BNP leader Nick Griffin from setting off on a tour of Australia organized by the far right Australian Protectionist Party. ‘This is one export we don’t need,’ Keith says. ‘I don’t want our country associated with messages of prejudice and hatred.’


Keith has contacted the Australian High Commissioner urging him not to grant Griffin a visa. ‘This man has been convicted of incitement to racial hatred in the UK. The days have long gone when we send our criminals to Australia.’


Griffin has repeatedly denied that the Holocaust happened, ranted about the British media being under ‘Jewish control’ and has close links with convicted terrorists.


The Australian authorities refused him entry last time he attempted to enter their country in 1986, and Keith hopes they will do the same again.


The anti-fascist organization Searchlight is asking supporters to send postcards to the Australian embassy protesting at the proposed BNP visit. More details are available at

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