IVRS update

05 November 2008

A meeting has been held today between ASLEF and Network Rail as part of the agreed way to resolve the IVRS issue. It has been decided that the advice to members to run at a reduced speed (as per Circular No. 431/2008) has been rescinded.


The union had previously held constructive talks with Network Rail following its advice to members, on the grounds of safety, to adhere to a 40 mph maximum speed between Wingfield and Tapton. This is because of concerns about IVRS - the emergency communications tool which guarantees contact between all train drivers in the area and the signaller.


However, the Network Rail Temporary Speed Restriction for the area covered by Weekly Operating Notice, No.25, for the London and North Eastern route is still in place. This is because between 144 miles and 25 chains and 145 miles 41 chains, the IVRS signal could not be guaranteed.


If members have any queries regarding the information they should contact their district organizer.

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