GS thanks Kelly as she leaves Transport post

23 September 2008

The General Secretary Keith Norman has written to Ruth Kelly today to thank her for the efforts she made as Secretary of State for Transport, and says how pleased he was to find her arguing for the electrification of the rail network and considering new and high-speed track.


‘In her speech today Ruth committed Labour to developing options for electrification and said she’s asked Network Rail to consider the case for new lines,’ Keith said. ‘Personally I’m sorry that Ruth Kelly won’t be there to see it through.


‘She offered an open and honest approach of the type we need if Labour is to thrive electorally in the future.’


Keith said he fully understood her decision to spend more time in her ‘other job’ as a mother. ‘It is annoying that the media seems to be gossip-mongering about imaginary political differences with Gordon Brown rather than concentrating on today’s important news – that Labour has a genuine vision for a thriving and dynamic rail infrastructure,’ he said.

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