ASLEF and TSSA dispute in Wales

16 September 2008

Although not involved in the dispute, many ASLEF members at Arriva Trains Wales have decided to respect picket lines erected by the TSSA. Keith Norman says, ‘We have reminded our members that ASLEF is not in dispute with Arriva Trains Wales and therefore they are advised to undertake their normal duties. At the same time, we wish to remind members of the principles of the trade union movement in not covering someone’s work or duty when they are in dispute.’


Keith says that ASLEF would support ‘unconditionally’ any member who might be subject to discipline as a result of respecting the picket line of another union.


The company has advised the public to seek an alternative form of transport while the strike continues.


The TSSA dispute is about driver managers who are in dispute over the erosion of pay differentials. They began a 24-hour strike at mid-day on Tuesday and have banned overtime and on-call work.

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