Union rights under attack in Sarkozy’s France

06 August 2008

Our French sister union the CGT says that this year has seen increasing attacks on rail trade union representatives for carrying out trade union duties and accepting collective responsibilities.


Next week the employer – the SNCF – will take Brother Eric Ferreres, Secretary of the CGT’s railway section in Toulouse, to court as an individual because of his role in collective union action.


The CGT has pledged itself to resist the repression of union rights in France. ‘We do not accept that trade union activity should be treated as a criminal offence,’ said CGT international officer Henry Wascin.


Keith Norman, ASLEF’s general secretary, said that Sarkozy’s government had many of the values of Thatcher in the UK. ‘We know how difficult it is to regain worker’s rights when they have been taken away,’ Keith says. ‘We will do all we can to support our French brothers and sisters.’

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