Now Europe moves on monster trucks

14 July 2008

The European Transport Federation (ETF) is geared up to oppose the threat of European legislators supporting Longer and Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) or ‘mega trucks’.


At the end of the summer, the European Commission will make a recommendation on the issue – despite the fact that most individual European countries, like the UK, have recognized the danger of LHVs.


Sabine Trier of the ETF says that at the European level there has been almost no public debate, which is why the organisation has set up a ‘No Mega Trucks’ campaign. Last month over 40 associations, including unions, had declared their support.


‘We are concerned that the European Commission might try to amend the European Directive on weights and dimensions of heavy freight vehicles,’ she says.


A major tool of the ETF campaign is the setting up of the website, a cooperation of Alliance for Rail, Friends of the Earth Europe, the European Automobile Clubs and the ETF.


‘It would raise serious political questions if the European Commission attempted to reverse the British government’s recent decision to ban these monster trucks,’ said GS Keith Norman. ‘I cannot believe that the EC could be so provocative.’

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