Sat Nav blamed for level crossing collision

08 July 2008

A delivery man who drove onto a level crossing causing a collision with a train has blamed his sat-nav for the incident.


Graham William Foster was driving his van last month when his sat-nav directed him onto a road that was little more than a gravel track. His defending lawyer described the track as ‘a road to nowhere’. Unfortunately for Mr Foster, ‘nowhere’ was a railway line. In his confusion Mr Foster attempted to cross the track rather than following the notices to ring a signaller to check whether it was safe to cross.


None of the passengers on the 16.24 Northern Rail train from Newcastle to Whitehaven were hurt although the driver was treated for shock. Foster was given five stitches in his arm and was treated for head injuries.


Magistrates have warned Foster that he should expect a custodial punishment and he may possibly find himself in front of the Crown Court. He will reappear in court later this month.

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