Respect for RMT strikers, but ASLEF not involved

13 June 2008

ASLEF members have been advised to work as normal during the strike by maintenance workers over the coming weekend. ‘We respect the principled stand taken by the RMT, but we are not directly involved in the dispute,’ said union officer Mick Whelan.


RMT-represented maintenance workers at Network Rail are to stage a two-day strike from mid-day on June 14 in a dispute over harmonisation of terms and conditions. They have raised concerns with the HMRI on Network Rail cancelling track testing scheduled to take place on Friday June 13.


ASLEF has also raised our concerns with the HMRI, who have asked Network Rail how NR intends to remain within planned inspection periods and how it intends to catch up so it can remain within the inspection periods after the strike. No response has so far been received.

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