Conference welcomes longer lorry rejection

03 June 2008

The ASLEF annual conference (AAD) warmly welcomed today’s announcement from transport minister Ruth Kelly that she has rejected proposals to introduce Longer and Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) onto UK roads.


Keith Norman told the conference that he was delighted that the government has made this important decision. ‘It offers a real boost to our Freight on Rail campaign, it prevents our roads becoming more dangerous and congested and it is an important move as far as the environment is concerned,’ he said.


The Department for Transport (DfT) says the independent report it commissioned from the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has highlighted several issues making the use of LHVs in the UK ‘impractical, either on a permanent or trial basis’.


The government believes LHVs would lead to an increase in CO2 emissions and Ruth Kelly said the study showed that ‘super-lorries are not compatible with British roads’.


ASLEF has campaigned against their introduction for over two years and has raised the matter regularly with the minster and her Department.


‘I hope this has paved the way for the EU to take a similar sensible decision,’ Keith added.

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