Scottish public pay £193,000 for franchise advice

29 May 2008

The Scottish government recently decided to extend Scotrail’s franchise by a further 3 years. It was supposed to run out in 2011. The SNP government has extended it to 2014. Why did they decide to extend the franchise at this stage? It is inexplicable to just about everyone else.


The answer is that they employed some consultants – always the people to approach if you want inexplicable advice. The kindly Scottish taxpayer forked out £192,908 to consultants Ernst and Young LLP and Brodies LLP for their services according to Scottish transport minister Stewart Stevenson.


He ‘volunteered’ the advice when he was asked the direct question by Karen Whitefield, the Labour MSP for Airdrie and Shotts.


‘This is an appalling waste of public money,’ insists ASLEF’s Scottish officer Kevin Lindsay. ‘Could this not have been better spend on – for example – improving railways?’

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