Irish train drivers in unofficial action

28 May 2008

Rail services from Cork continue to be disrupted today as unofficial strike action continues for a seventh day despite fresh talks.


The strike between train drivers and lanród Éireann began last Thursday when a driver based in Cork who had been rostered to carry out shunting duties refused to drive a train being used to train new drivers. The driver was removed from the payroll and a dispute over flexible working and training has ensued.


The dispute which has been estimated to have cost lanród Éireann €2m so far has affected 20,000 passengers a day. However the National Bus and Railworkers’ Union and Siptu are concerned over managerial use of flexibility clauses and training.


Talks that are being facilitated by the Labour Relations Commission are due to continue this afternoon after finishing at 2AM this morning. A spokesman for the company believes progress has been made despite the two sides still refusing to meet face to face. However the unions remain concerned that management are still unwilling to resolve the dispute and look seriously at the issues around training new drivers.

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