Petrol Prices Drive Americans into Trains

14 May 2008

The price of petrol has driven Americans to increasingly use trains to get to work. Many American commuters who have recently changed to rail have been delighted with the savings they have made.


A Senior Trust Administrator in Hopewell, New Jersey has been saving over $300-a-month by taking the train rather than driving a 72 mile journey from his home in Willingboro. Mr Scott said, “I wish I would have done this sooner, it would have been savings in my pocket.” Ridership is at a record on New Jersey Transit, which estimates its average commuter saves $1,200-a-year by taking the train rather than driving to work.


The jump is petrol prices last year took the total public transport rides to 10 billion, the highest it has been in 50 years.


Transit officials are expecting the trend to continue and this has led to the planning of major infrastructure works. Dallas and Denver are extending their railroads and New Jersey Transit has a plan to build a new tunnel under the Hudson River into Manhattan. "The buzz is, get ready for more passengers. They are coming," said New Jersey Transit's Richard Sarles.

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