Protests over tube suicide film this evening

21 April 2008

ASLEF tube drivers will be leafleting outside the premier of a new film ‘Three and Out’ at the Odeon at Leicester Square from half six until half seven this evening.


The message to the film-goers is attached (click here for pdf).


Basically the union argues


  • The film is a ‘comic caper’ about people committing suicide on the Tube – which is not a subject that makes our members laugh.
  • Last year 249 dead bodies ended up under trains. 194 of these were suicides.
  • Many drivers are so traumatized by these incidents that they have to give up the job.
  • The Samaritans agree with the union position.
  • LUL gave the film makers facilities to make the film even after reading the script – although LUL managing director Tim O’Toole has now told staff he ‘shares their concerns’ and that the film is in ‘bad taste’.
  • LUL now allows adverts for it in the tube, often next to where tube drivers stop.


The union has featured on a variety of news media over the issue over the weekend, including the Radio 4 ‘Today Programme’, Radio 1 and Radio 5 Live.

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