Longer vehicles: what is the delay?

29 January 2008

Keith Norman says he is getting ‘seriously annoyed’ at the government’s refusal to come up with a definitive decision to rule out a trial of monster trucks of 60 tonnes onto UK roads. ‘Every day’s delay raises suspicions that the Department for Transport isn’t being straight with us. I can’t understand what they are up to,’ he says. ‘It’s not exactly a complex decision.’


Keith’s irritation is shared by MP Alan Simpson. He asked transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick when an announcement would be made – and received the following reply:


‘The study was actually commissioned in October 2006 and the full report should be published by the end of February. At present, we do not intend to publish a response, but following speculation in the media about the Government allowing trials of ‘super’ lorries, the Secretary of State has previously made clear that we are sceptical of these vehicles and have no plans to permit them in the UK.’


‘Then why don’t they come out and say ‘No’?’ Keith asks. ‘There’s no obligation for ministers to be slippery!’

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