Speedy solution after union advises 30 mph limit

17 September 2009

The executive has withdrawn its advice to drivers to approach the New Barn Occupational Crossing in the Barnham, West Sussex, at no more than 30mph. This follows action by Network Rail to fell trees that caused poor visibility.


Southern Company Council Secretary Roy Luxford told the executive that the problem had been resolved after viewing the site with the local health and safety representative. ‘The clearance work has been carried out and we are satisfied that there is no longer a safety hazard,’ Roy said.


ASLEF raised the issue with Southern but neither the union nor the company could get a satisfactory response from Network Rail. However only days after ASLEF advised a 30 mph limit Network Rail turned out at the crossing in force, arranging for a farmer to supply a tractor for viewing purposes.


Roy says, ‘As a result of our discussions Network Rail has felled five trees and carried out embankment clearance. This has greatly improved the visibility available to tractor drivers using this crossing. Network Rail has also issued the farmer with eight keys for the abloy lock that has been placed on these gates and instructed him on what briefings he needs to give to his staff or contactors using this crossing.’

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