ASLEF slams dropping of Glasgow airport rail link

17 September 2009

Train drivers’ union ASLEF today condemned as an act of ‘folly and betrayal’ the SNP government decision to scrap the planned Glasgow airport rail link. ‘It is folly because it is so desperately short-sighted – Scotland's businesses and travellers needed a speedy link to its airport,’ said the union’s general secretary Keith Norman. ‘And it is a betrayal because Scotland’s transport minister is also the climate minister. Today he has shown his party to be pro-car, anti-train and couldn’t care less about climate change.


‘This means that there will be no rail link to any major Scottish airport. It is hardly a progressive image for overseas visitors or potential investors.’


It emerged that Scotrail was kept in the dark as much as the union about the shock announcement. ASLEF believes the company has already recruited drivers for the new project.


Inevitably for the SNP the bogey-man is the British government. ‘It is a continual whine which the Scottish people increasingly find grates on the ears,’ says the union’s office in Scotland, Kevin Lindsay. ‘It now amounts to an excuse to do nothing.’

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