Speed restriction recommended in Barnham area

10 September 2009

ASLEF has recommended that its drivers approach New Barn Occupational Crossing in the Barnham, West Sussex, area at no more than 30 mph following a number of near misses and one collision. The action is advised on safety grounds, as visibility approaching the crossing is poor as it is restricted by a line of trees.


The Company Council has raised the matter with management but neither the union nor Southern has received an acceptable response from Network Rail.


The advice from ASLEF to its members is to approach and drive over this crossing at a maximum of 30 mph in both directions until such a time as the visibility concerns are resolved.


Slowing for this section is likely to bring delays for passengers, but they will be minimal.


An occupational crossing is a type not employed by normal road users, and has limited use, for example by farmers.

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