Further talks at NXEA

03 August 2009

Following last weeks strike, the ASLEF negotiating team are meeting with National Express East Anglia management again today to try and resolve the issues that led to the planned action throughout August.

ASLEF General Secretary Keith Norman says, ‘NXEA is responsible for the total mistrust that exists between the company and their train driver employees, who are overwhelmingly ASLEF members. The dispute is not just about pay, but also about the poor industrial relations that have existed in this company for a long time - with little genuine effort being made by the management team to resolve issues between us.

‘Our door is always open if a sensible solution can be found.’

The union is hoping to reach a suitable settlement as quickly as possible in order to give our members the deal they deserve and to avoid further disruption to the travelling public.

For the record

  • The union wants equal pay and conditions for drivers working for a single company: current differences are causing serious industrial relations problems. This is as much of a problem for ASLEF as pay.
  • the union has never stated that we demand a minimum pay increase of 2.5% at any time
  • ASLEF members voted by a margin of 95.5% to 4.5% to take industrial action in National Express East Anglia (NXEA). Keith Norman, the union’s general secretary, says that the ballot shows ‘a massive vote of no confidence’ in managers in the company’.
  • at the company’s AGM, Richard Bowker stated that NXEA would remain profitable through 2009 due to revenue support from the government. He also reported that in the first six months of 2009, NXEA revenue increased by 5%
  • the company tabled a list of 20 'productivity items' that they wished us to consider; in return we proposed a 4-day week for three depots, giving parity with other depots. No progress has been made on our proposal.
  • we also sought parity of treatment over ill-health and competency issues on which we have had fruitless discussions for five years
  • the company suggests we have demanded 4% more drivers. This is untrue.
  • the union has offered to talk about productivity but not on the basis of the current pay offer which even managers say would mean our funding our own pay rise


Picket line photos from 30th & 31st July 2009

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