Demonstrate with the NUJ for a Free Pass

11 March 2013

The NUJ is asking trade unionists to lobby Parliament on Thursday, when the Leveson Inquiry into the media will be released. The journalists’ union wants a large turn-out to counter the growing pressures from newspaper owners against any moves for serious reform.


The lobby will be held from 12:30 on Thursday (29 November) in Committee Room 11 of the Houses of Parliament. There will be a briefing by speakers to help people to prepare before they meet their MP.

You can register to lobby by going to or if you would like more information, email or contact To find out more about the Leveson Inquiry read the NUJ’s website

If you are unable to attend the lobby you can contact your MP here. This will locate your MP and give you an email template. Please use the bullet points below to make your argument for a free, independent press in your own words.


The NUJ argues for an independent regulatory body that is independent of government and the industry that will

· protect free expression and a free press

· ensure high standards of journalism

· have the authority and ability to regulate all commercially-driven press.

· include, as does the Irish Press Council, union representatives

· represent members of the public

· enshrine a conscience clause for journalists, which will allow them to refuse to carry out unethical assignments

· take to task the bullying newsrooms exposed by our evidence to Leveson, recognising the vital role trade unions play in media newsrooms

The NUJ insists that the industry’s attempts at self-regulation have failed and that the slightly beefed-up version of the Press Complaints Commission proposed by Lords Hunt and Black is just more of the same ‘old boys’ club’.

‘An ethical and moral independent media with quality journalism is central to a healthy democracy,’ said ASLEF’s Mick Whelan. ‘I urge you to join the lobby either in person or on-line.’

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